Can you create a new prescreening filter for me?

If you need a custom screener that we don't currently offer, please get in touch with us via We'll be more than happy to help! 

When requesting screeners please request a specific question and a set of possible responses. If possible, phrase your question with a set of choices rather than as a "yes", "no" question. For example, if you'd like to recruit participants from California, then "Which state do you live in?" is a better question than "Do you live in California?".

Please do not use screeners within your studies – it is very frustrating for participants to unexpectedly get kicked out of studies! 

In some cases there may be an additional charge to run the screener in advance. Please get in touch via with the details of your screener and your desired sample size and we'll be happy to help. We often have to charge an extra fee because the launching of new screeners can require a significant amount of time: We have to invest time into formulating the screener wisely and into handling any customer support arising from it, and our developers spend time implementing the screener.

There is a limit as to how many screeners we can launch for researchers: We can launch no more than a handful of new screeners per researcher. Please remember that launching new screeners means that we display them to tens of thousands of participants, so we have to make sure that our procedures are streamlined and prudent.

Note: You cannot modify the text of the screener after we launch it for you, but you can use the screener as much as you want, and you can select any of the response options when running future studies. Your custom screener will start appearing for you under step 3 in the prescreening section. The new screener poses no limit for the sample size. 

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