Custom prescreening with Typeform Screening Studies

If you wish to recruit a niche sample, or cannot obtain the specific population you require using our existing Prescreening filters, it is not permitted to screen participants within your survey or study description. You can read more about why this is not allowed here.

Instead, please contact Prolific Support with your custom screening requirements, and we’ll be happy to help with our Screening Study feature!

What is a Screening Study?

This is a very short study containing your intended screening questions, that we (Prolific) can create for you (the Researcher) using Typeform. You do not need to have a Typeform account to use this feature.
Using the Screening Study that we create for you, you can distribute your custom screening questions to the relevant participants in our pool, enabling you to target the specific people you need for your research.

How will this work?

  1. First, please submit a support request in which you outline your custom screening requirements. In other words, tell us about the specific sample population you wish to target in your study, along with any additional demographic restrictions (e.g. UK residents only, full-time employed).

  2. Our support team will review your screening criteria to determine how to identify your target population within our existing participant pool. This will include estimating the feasibility of targeting your desired sample on Prolific, and phrasing any new screening questions carefully so as to avoid response biases.

  3. If feasible, we will create a Screening Study for you, which will contain your custom screening questions & associated response options. This will appear on your Prolific Researcher account as an Unpublished study, so you can decide how many participants you’d like to distribute the study to. 
  1. Once you’ve decided how many responses to the Screening Study you wish to obtain, simply top up your account (via credit/debit card or bank transfer) with the necessary funds and Publish the study. Then, sit back and wait for the responses to come in! 
  1. As Prolific participants take part in your Screening Study, their responses will be saved to a new custom filter in Prescreening. This means that you can add your custom screening questions to your Prolific prescreening criteria on any future studies that you run.

Pricing: do I have to pay for Screening Studies?

As the Screening Study will be distributed to participants like a normal study, you will need to cover the costs of the participant payments and our standard pricing will apply. 
In most cases, however, Screening Studies will only take 1-2 minutes to complete, so the study costs will be minimal. See below for a table of estimated costs (including our fees), based on a typical 1 question Screening Study:
This custom screening approach should give you the flexibility you require as a researcher to target your ideal sample for your research, whilst making sure that participants are not screened out of studies unfairly.
As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Prolific Support via our Help Centre, Support widget, or emailing, if you require any further assistance.
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